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Ladder Safety

• More than 90,000 people receive emergency room treatment from ladder-related injuries every year • Elevated falls account for almost 700 occupational deaths annually • These deaths account for 15% of all occupational deaths

Ladders can be very useful...unfortunately falls from ladders can be lead to serious injuries and even death. Here are some safety tips to help keep you from becoming a statistic. Use the correct ladder for your application. Make sure you secure your ladder, meaning all feet are on the ground and ladder is not leaning to one side, back or forward to far. If you need to carry tools, you must always have three points in contact with the ladder, two of which must be both hands, if you can not do this you must use some other method so you can use your tools and ladder safely. Always make use your ladder is in good condition to use even if it is a small quick job. Once on the ladder keep belt buckle or belly button in between ladder rails, do not lean out to far to do your work, If you catch yourself doing this, get down off the ladder and move it so you don't have to lean.                                             Be safe, Maintenance