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What is the Student Success Act?


Signed into law in May of 2019, the Student Success Act (HB 3427) is a historic opportunity for Oregon schools. When fully implemented, this act will invest approximately $2 billion for early learning and K-12 education, and close to $500 million will go directly to Oregon school districts and eligible charter schools through the Student Investment Account.


The Student Investment Account is a non-competitive grant. The focus of the Student Investment Account is on key areas for improvement – from reducing class size, increasing instructional time, addressing health and safety needs, and ensuring a well-rounded education. The law requires school districts to meaningfully engage their community to determine the best investments for students in their local community while explicitly focusing on student mental and behavior health, addressing disparities based on race or disability, and improving teaching and learning conditions. 


Districts are allowed four broad uses for the grant proposals:

  1. Increasing instructional time
  2. Addressing student health and safety needs
  3. Increasing adults/decreasing class size
  4. Expanding well-rounded learning opportunities.


Programs must also meet students’ behavioral and mental health needs and increase academic achievement as well as reduce disparities among student groups.


The Ontario School District will seek input on our plans moving forward in a series of Community Conversations. We are prioritizing the input of our families, stakeholders, staff, and community in the decisions surrounding SSA funding and program implementation.


Dates for Community Conversation are to be determined.


Families: What can I do?

Students: What can I do?

House Bill 3427

If you have any questions, please contact PR and Communications Coordinator, Taryn Smith.




For more information regarding the Student Success Act, click HERE.